If you have any complaints regarding our services, feel free to visit our office on the following address: LOW COST UTILITY PLANNER LTD, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Or better still, contact the complaints manager, where you can discuss and record any issue or complaints.
If your complaint was recorded on a weekend, then we might not be able to resolve the issue straightaway. The recorded complaint will be acknowledged within the next 5 business days, and if we are not able to solve the issue within a specific time period, we will contact you and state the reason for delay as well.
You may also register the complaint through our phone number: 02002031891174.
In order to keep contact polite and professional, all our voice calls would be recorded. During the complaint investigation, you will be contacted and informed about the progress regularly, as per our company’s policy. If, for some reason, the services we provide are not up to the mark, for example, a team member did not treat you well, or our services were unsatisfactory, you can freely express it by contacting us.
We take customer complaints very seriously and try our best to resolve the issue, as customer satisfaction is our main priority.